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First Edition: July 9, 2019

Today’s early morning highlights from the major news organizations. Kaiser Health News: Federal Appeals Court Takes Up Case That Could Upend U.S. Health System Here are five important things to know about the case. (Rovner, 7/9) California Healthline: Medi-Cal Enrollment Among Immigrant Kids Stalls, Then Falls. Is Fear To Blame? As California prepares to expand… Read More »

International Men’s Health Week 2019: From Impotence to Pot Belly, 8 Symptoms Men Should NEVER Ignore

Symptoms you shouldn’t ignore (Photo Credits: Pexels) International Men’s Health Week 2019 has officially been kicked off and will go on from June 10 to 16 (which is Father’s Day). Since June 2002, the week is observed to understand men’s health problems, to educate the public about their wellness and to get more men to… Read More »

Best protein shakes for 2019 including whey, vegan and plant-based powders

A few years ago protein shakes used to be solely restricted to body builders and Olympians and guzzling them was instantly associated with trying to transform yourself into the incredible hulk. These days millions of people are on the health hype, opting for the handy powders to help them consume more protein on the go.… Read More »