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'Wonderful' Oxford student who carried an artificial heart in a rucksack dies  

‘Wonderful’ Oxford student, 24, who carried around an artificial heart in a RUCKSACK dies after complications during transplant surgery Rebecca Henderson was given the pioneering 15lbs (7kg) device in 201 She recently had a heart transplant after being cancer-free for a year  But she died on Wednesday due to complications with the risky procedure  By… Read More »

Artificial Embryos Made from Stem Cells Raise Ethical Issues

Stem cells (so-called “master cells”) are unique and important in the body because they can do almost anything, and scientists have only begun to discover their potential. That’s why researchers’ use of them has created controversy, attracting the attention of scientists, policymakers, and bioethicists across the globe. Stem cells can transform into any of the… Read More »