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High blood pressure: Five ways to reduce your daily salt intake

High blood pressure is often branded the “silent killer” as symptoms usually go undetected at first, then serious problems strike. Similarly, people consume large amounts of salt without realising the risks associated. According to Katharine Jenner, CEO of Blood Pressure UK, “We are all eating too much salt which can damage our health. Salt puts… Read More »

The major sign in your breath that could mean you have high blood pressure

Pulmonary hypertension is a rare condition that can affect people of all ages, but it’s more common in people who have another heart or lung condition. High blood pressure, otherwise known as pulmonary hypertension, involves the loop of vessels connecting the heart and lungs. Your breathing is therefore affected by high blood pressure and if you are… Read More »

Are Walnuts Good For Blood Pressure?

According to a study, one of the benefits of eating walnuts is the lowering of blood pressure in individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease when combined with a low saturated fat diet. The randomized, controlled trial looked at the effects of replacing some of the saturated fats in individuals’ diets with walnuts. It was revealed… Read More »