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Keeping active in old age may protect against dementia, study finds

Keeping active in old age may protect against dementia – even if you have early signs of the disease, study says Scientists had participants wear activity trackers  Those who moved more during the course of the day had better scores on memory and cognitive thinking tests Even those with biomarkers of early dementia had higher scores… Read More »

Meta-analysis finds high but variable STI rates in PrEP studies – is PrEP the cause or a potential solution?

Werner and colleagues analysed STI rates in 24 papers concerning 20 different studies of PrEP in gay and bisexual men. These studies included randomised controlled studies such as iPrEx, PROUD and Ipergay and their open-label extensions, as well as studies targeting particular populations such as the PrEPare study for teenagers. They also included country-specific demonstration… Read More »

Medical News Today: Type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline: Study finds link

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the body’s insulin production and blood sugar levels. New research, however, suggests that the scope of this condition may be broader than previously thought, as scientists find a link between type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline over 5 years. New research suggests that type 2 diabetes… Read More »