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Why headache in the back of the head and other parts – causes of pain – The Koz Telegram

Headache have to take care of almost everyone due to the weather changes, magnetic storms, stress and more. But do not forget that among the causes can be changes in pressure, or sinusitis. The nature and location of the pain can be determine the causes of disease and to appoint pavila treatment, reports “Medabot”. Causes… Read More »

Migraine patients’ coverage headache: FDA OK doesn’t mean insurance will pay – San Francisco Chronicle

Last spring, weeks before the new migraine drug Aimovig hit the market, the phone calls and email started stacking up — patients around the country were contacting the UCSF Headache Center, eager to get on the medication as soon as it became available. Their enthusiasm was understandable. Aimovig was the first in a new class… Read More »