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Cervicogenic headache: Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment – Medical News Today

A cervicogenic headache is a pain that develops in the neck, though a person feels the pain in their head. Cervicogenic headaches are secondary headaches. Secondary headaches are those caused by an underlying condition, such as neck injuries, infections, or severe high blood pressure. This sets them apart from primary headaches, such as migraines and… Read More »

19 natural remedies for a headache

Headaches are a very common form of pain and can be a nuisance when someone has one. Rather than reaching for over-the-counter painkillers, there are many natural methods that people can try to help them get rid of a headache. In this article, we look at a range of home and natural remedies for headaches.… Read More »

Why headache in the back of the head and other parts – causes of pain – The Koz Telegram

Headache have to take care of almost everyone due to the weather changes, magnetic storms, stress and more. But do not forget that among the causes can be changes in pressure, or sinusitis. The nature and location of the pain can be determine the causes of disease and to appoint pavila treatment, reports “Medabot”. Causes… Read More »