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The heart and science of kindness

Kindness (noun): the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate; a kind act.— English Oxford Living Dictionaries Ombudspeople like myself have a unique view of the institutions they serve. Some of us fondly refer to it as the “view from the underbelly” of our organizations. The urgent calls we get aren’t to share a recent… Read More »

'Wonderful' Oxford student who carried an artificial heart in a rucksack dies  

‘Wonderful’ Oxford student, 24, who carried around an artificial heart in a RUCKSACK dies after complications during transplant surgery Rebecca Henderson was given the pioneering 15lbs (7kg) device in 201 She recently had a heart transplant after being cancer-free for a year  But she died on Wednesday due to complications with the risky procedure  By… Read More »

Sex hormones for gender transitioning hike risk of stroke, heart attacks, study finds

As doctors consider how young is too young to give sex hormones to children who say they are transgender, more research is linking gender-affirming hormone therapy with an increased risk of strokes, blood clots and heart attacks. A new analysis found that trans women — people born male who identify as female — on hormone therapy… Read More »