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Medical News Today: In mice: Are animal studies relevant to human health?

The media is rife with claims of breakthrough biomedical studies performed in animals. However, can animals ever faithfully model human health? What can animal models tell us about human health? Avid readers of medical news will be familiar with the widespread use of animal models in biomedical research. From nutrition to cancer research and studies… Read More »

Chinese scientists give monkeys human brain genes in ‘morally risky’ experiment

Their brains may not be bigger than normal, but monkeys created with human brain genes are exhibiting cognitive changes that suggest they might be smarter — and the experiments have ethicists shuddering. In the wake of the genetically modified human babies scandal, Chinese scientists are drawing fresh condemnation from philosophers and ethicists, this time over… Read More »

Health and Human Services wants to end 'middlemen kickbacks' in drug pricing by targeting rebates

HHS Secretary Alex Azar The Department of Health and Human Services is proposing to lower the list price of prescription drugs by correcting what it calls the perverse incentive to increase list prices to get higher rebates. The rebates are passed on to health plans, which use them to lower the price of premiums. But… Read More »