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Quebec warns of cancer risk to women with textured breast implants

MONTREAL — The Quebec Health Department wants the thousands of women in the province who have received textured breast implants since 1995 to be warned of a potential cancer risk. The government has asked the province’s hospitals and clinics to contact all patients who received that specific type of implant in the last 24 years… Read More »

Mother who baffled doctors with mystery rashes and blurry vision blames her ‘toxic breast implants’

Mother, 35, who baffled doctors with unexplained rashes, brain fog and blurry vision blames her ‘toxic breast implants’ she got 12 years ago Christina Roulund, from Palm City in Florida, blames her illness on her implants  She said doctors could not explain the hair loss, pain and fatigue she suffered After seeing a news story… Read More »