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NHS bosses look to overhaul cancer screening

Cancer screening programmes are to be reviewed following high-profile mistakes that have put thousands of patients in England at risk. NHS England has asked former government cancer tsar Sir Mike Richards to look at what changes are needed. Three national schemes cover breast, cervical and bowel cancers. On Wednesday, it emerged letters about the cervical… Read More »

When did you last look at what was IN your drinking water?

by William Fryer MA OxonHuman Scientist & director of www.megahome-distillers.co.uk More and more people are taking the quality of their drinking water seriously. While it is important to maintain good hydration at all times and although some health gurus suggest you should consume 2+litres per day, in reality, your body’s requirements will alter with size, diet… Read More »

Voters divided over what ‘Medicare for all’ should look like in new poll

Several recent polls have found that a majority of Americans support a policy called ‘Medicare for all,’ but a new survey pinpoints what Americans think that policy means. A poll released Wednesday from Survey Monkey and Axios asked voters what they think candidates mean when they say ‘Medicare for all,’ and what they want the… Read More »