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Democrats seeking Obamacare fix before ‘Medicare for all’ roll out 'Medicare at 50’

Democrats on Wednesday unveiled a bill that would let people buy into Medicare beginning at age 50, casting the provision as an expansion of Obamacare. “This is the first major improvement to the Affordable Care Act,” said Rep. Brian Higgins, D-N.Y., using the formal name for Obamacare. “The one fundamental flaw that there was, not… Read More »

MGMA: Majority of practices say cost of care outweighs Medicare reimbursements

According to recent MGMA Stat Poll, healthcare organizations are struggling with the ever-widening gap between reimbursements and cost of care. Participants were asked whether their practices 2019 Medicare payment rates were above, equal to or below the cost of delivering care. More than two-thirds of medical practices reported that 2019 Medicare payments will not cover… Read More »

AHIP advocacy group questions Medicare Advantage payment changes

The Coalition for Medicare Choices, an advocacy organization connected with America’s Health Insurance Plans, is calling on the government to keep Medicare Advantage plans affordable as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposes changes the coalition says could limit health coverage, reduce benefits and raise premiums. This spring, CMS is expected to announce the… Read More »