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Why you should eat the apple core

Apples contain disease-fighting vitamin A, C, E and K, minerals such as potassium and magnesium1 and antioxidants,2 making them one of the top-ranked fruits for your health. Compared to other commonly consumed fruits in the U.S., apples rank second only to cranberry for total phenolic compound concentration and total antioxidant activity,3 and highest for the… Read More »

International Men’s Health Week 2019: From Impotence to Pot Belly, 8 Symptoms Men Should NEVER Ignore

Symptoms you shouldn’t ignore (Photo Credits: Pexels) International Men’s Health Week 2019 has officially been kicked off and will go on from June 10 to 16 (which is Father’s Day). Since June 2002, the week is observed to understand men’s health problems, to educate the public about their wellness and to get more men to… Read More »